Top 2 Ways to Fund your Upcoming Retirement

After decades of working and saving, retirement is perceived by many as freedom from responsibilities. It’s a time when we simply want to relax and enjoy whatever there is that life has to offer. But retirement also spells uncertainty among retirees. It is then important for us to prepare of the future. Here are top 3 strategies that can help you fund your retirement.

  • Immediate Annuities

Buying an immediate annuity is the fastest way to convert a huge sum of money into a continuous stream of income that will last you a lifetime. Retirees invest their income in purchasing immediate annuity as it it guarantees steady income, is predictable, and is not in any way affected by declining interest rates and failing stock prices.

Income payment from immediate annuities however will not increase over time. They are complicated products, but if you are simply looking to fund a simple life after retirement, this investment channel will work best for you!

  • Systematic Withdrawals

One smart strategy that you can employ after retirement is making systemic withdrawals instead of pulling out all your savings at one go. This even applies to people who have millions of dollars in their bank accounts. Taking out money that you need once at a time and letting the rest grow is one of the most practical strategies to make during your golden years. Make sure to match your withdrawals based on your needs, and never spend more than what your monthly or weekly budget can afford.

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Learn Which Essential Oils Are The Best

When it comes to essential oils they are all great. However, there are some that are better and more effective than others. Learn here which 3 essential oils are the best ones to use.

Lavender is one of the top essential oils to have. It is great for many things and can replace some medications. Lavender is known to help relax you and help you get to sleep. It can also help with allergies and sinus problems. Lavender is also soothing to irritated skin.

Lemon oil is another great essential oil to have. It is good for many things. It can be used for acne and will help clear it up in many cases. It can also be used to put in your water to speed up your metabolism. This is great when used as a weight loss aid.

Peppermint oil is a great oil to have around. It is good for many different uses. It can be used for digestive issues such as heartburn and upset stomachs. It can also be used to relieve headaches when applied topically to the pressure points on your head. Peppermint is also used to stop itching from insect bites and can relieve pain as well.

There are many different essential oils available to purchase. It can be confusing to learn about all of them and know what they do. The 3 essential oils listed above are great to use for many different reasons (I recommend peppermint essential oil). These are all great starter oils to have. If you want to purchase essential oils, but are unsure of which ones to buy, give these 3 a try and you won’t be disappointed with the results. You should only apply essential oils topically and avoid ingesting them, unless it’s an oil like lemon oil.

Surprisingly easy tips you can use to save money

Car insurance can be expensive. With increasing gas prices and other costs, driving can really put a strain on your pocketbook. You may be surprised to learn that there are surprisingly easy tips that you can use to save money on insurance (learned some from

In fact, there are some little known tips you can use to save money on how much your insurance costs.

So how much money can you save for reliable insurance? Just take a look at top tips for help.

==> Comparison Shop

Finding low cost auto insurance isn’t as hard as it used to be. There are countless available insurance agencies all over the country. Most of these companies have websites.

The hard part of your search is picking the right insurance company for you. The first thing you need to do is to comparison shop for the best plan.

First, look through your local phone book and call up some local insurers. You may even want to schedule a few visits. Some agents will even come and visit you in your own home.

Don’t feel pressured into making a quick choice. Take your time and review what’s offered.

==> Know What Coverage You Need

Many states have varying regulations when it comes to insuring a vehicle. So it will take a little research to figure how just what type of coverage will be right for you.

Most regions require some form of liability insurance. This will cover any bodily injury claims or other peoples hospital fees if necessary.

Find out what the minimum bodily injury liability coverage in your state. This way you can decide on a cheaper insurance package, rather than making the costly mistake of over insuring yourself.

==> Look For Deals & Offers

Did you know there are a surprising number of deals and offers you can find on auto insurance. Drivers between the ages of 25 and 55 can sometime secure lower rates. This is because this age group is considered to be safer drivers than elderly or teen drivers.

You may also qualify for a discounts for having good credit, a safe driving record, or taking public transportation to work.

Don’t be afraid to ask your insurance agent about possible discounts! You may be pleasantly surprised.

==> Avoid Costly Extras

Avoid services your don’t really need. Sometimes extras are added to your policy without you knowledge. Review the policy and ask about any fees you don’t understand.

Who is Vanilla H. Christ?

Vanilla H. Christ was born to Mr. Holy Christ and Mrs. Motherfucking Christ on Sept. 20, 1969. They were to make the pilgrimage to their place of origin for the annual census, and Mrs. Christ, pregnant with her illigitimate hellspawn, was placed atop an ass (which is how she became pregnant in the first place!) and led to the town of Bethlehem (just outside of Isle of Coney in the Lyn of Brook). When the couple arrived in Bethlehem all the hostels were filled to capacity, as the city planners accidentally scheduled the day of census to fall upon the Hell’s Angels’ rally date. With nowhere else to go, Mr. and Mrs. Christ took refuge in a stable (“Stable Ted’s Autobody Shop and Offtrack Betting Imporium”). Mrs. Christ induced early labor by huffing automobile starting fluid, and Vanilla Christ was born, ugly and depraved (the world’s first “Ether-Baby”), wrapped in swaddling clothes (consisting of a PVC body harness, black leather boots, plaid bondage-pampers and a “Fuck Art, Let’s Kill” T-shirt) and swaddled in a straw-filled oil drum.

Upon the birth of The New Christ, a star (Barry Manilow) shone brightly upon the stable, and attracted the eyes of nearby shepherds (Dana Shepherd, Buck Shepherd, and Steve Shepherd), as well as three exhaulted kings from Chinatown. Or was that Chinamen from King’s County? Well, in any case, these three Kings travelled many blocks by subway to feast their drug-addicted eyes upon The New Christ, bringing with them gifts of grandeurous gold (i.e. a shopping cart full of deposit bottles), Frankensensemilia, and Myrrh (well, more like an autographed photo of Myrrhv Griffin). From that day forth came the dawn of a new era in bad taste.

In 1993, The Vanilla Christ, teamed up with 1st Apostle, Rev. Matthew Paradise of the Order of the Purging Talon, to begin works on The New Bible that would put the others before it into obsolesence. In this Bible, many books were formed and preached, the Book of Poo Poo (completed and containing 18 chapters), the Book of DeSade (completed and containing a measley 4 chapters before it’s demise), The Book of Flames (thus far only one chapter has been ordained, also known as the “What Was I Thinking?” book), the Book of Slam (also known as “The Forgotten Book”, which was an even worse idea than the previous), and the glorious book of Black, which died fitfully at the dawn of the millenium.

With this New Bible under his arm, Mr. Christ left the Order of Purging Talon to venture alone into the wild to terrorize the comfortable, and give arms to the vindictive. This New Bible is eternally being written, and new chapters are constantly unfolding, as it is known, Vanilla Christ is prone not only to speaking about himself in the third person on his own vanity page, but also gets damned bored when there’s nothing to write.

You Won’t Believe The Medical Advice That Used To Be Out There

People trust medical professionals, and with good reason.They save millions of lives each year, and they’re getting better all the time. It’s good thing that medicine is advancing like it is, otherwise advice like this might still be the norm:

Cigarettes Are Healthy

Few industries understand marketing quite as well as the tobacco industry. It has been going strong for over 500 years now. Things are on the decline; but only because people started to figure out that tobacco wasn’t as good as advertised. For decades, researchers claimed that smoking tobacco had no ill effects, and could even help with issues such as stress. This directly lead to millions of deaths. It doesn’t get much worse than that.


It can be hard to look at the past sometimes and all of the silly things that the human race has espoused as fact. One of the worst among these is the practice of bloodletting. The idea was this: if you’re sick it is because there is some type of evil spirit inside of you. The only way to get that spirit out is by bleeding it out. This practice went on for centuries, leading to countless deaths. Believe it or not, some people had this procedure performed as often as you’re supposed to have a physical done today! This isn’t something that ended during the Dark Ages either. In fact, bloodletting was a common practice right up until the mid-1800s.

This only scratches the surface of bad medical advice that has been put out over the years. Let

it serve as a reminder that doctor’s and researchers aren’t always right. Let these mishaps also allow you to appreciate just how far the medical field has come. Things could be much, much worse.